From Brussels to Brugge

We’ve been in Belgium for a week now and today is our last day in Brugge. We spent a total of 4 days in Brussels and it was a great place to start our adventure. Caleb and I have done this before but Emily hasn’t so we wanted to ease her in to the backpacking life. We got an Airbnb while in Brussels. It was nice to have our own space and even a washing machine that was heavily utilized. We spent our days walking around and our nights drinking. Drinking is always more fun when you have a stunning place to do it in. (Plus, when water is $6 and beer is $4 that becomes an easy choice)


Our bodies haven’t fully adjusted to Europe life. Our sleep schedule continues to be all over the place. We still sleep in until late in the afternoon and stay up late. Right now its 5:24 pm but back home its 10:24 am so it will take a while until we get all acclimated. Our appetites haven’t fully adjusted either. We had no appetite throughout Brussels (managed to be able to drink some how) but we had to get some mussels in Brussels. We’re all hoping we get toned and fit from all this walking around and no eating but its been a week and I still have a flat ass…boo.


We arrived in Brugge on Saturday and this time we stayed in a hostel. It was just our luck that the bar in our hostel was celebrating their 31st anniversary so there was a large crowd, loud music, and cheap drinks. We ended up meeting some fun locals and eventually stumbled up to our dorm at 4am. The next few days we went on some free walking tours and got to really explore Brugge.




Brugge is full of beautiful canals, winding alleys and old buildings. Its a smaller town so its an easy place to wander around and always have something new to find or look at.


We’re on to the next town tomorrow morning and have our next few weeks semi-planned out. The Netherlands and Germany will be our next stops in the coming weeks so we’ll keep you guys updated 🙂


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