Leaving a city is never fun but I was excited to get more into the countryside and visit a ‘village’.  Ludlow has a population of 11,000, but it felt much smaller than that.  We also stayed at an Airbnb that was an actual bed and breakfast, so that was also a welcome change (breakfast!).  Our host picked us from the train station and drove the short distance to her house, giving us our first look at downtown Ludlow on the way.  Ludlow is *quite charming* with its old timber houses and old castle gates, all nestled in the beautiful country side.


Once we freshened up a bit we headed out for dinner at the Blue Boar where we had excellent food.  There was also a puppy in the bar, so overall it was a great night for me.  We both had been a little sick (runny noses and sore throats) so we headed in for the night relatively early for us.  The next morning after our breakfast and getting to meet the host’s wiener dog, Rupert, we took a footpath along the River Teme (pronounced like ‘Tim’ I found out after I embarrassed myself a few times)  up to the Ludlow castle.  I’m lucky enough to be able to say I’ve been to quite a few castles and this was one of my favorites.  Ludlow castle was one of the first stone castles to be built in England and thankfully due to it being the off-season for tourists we had it mostly to ourselves.


Once we had our fill of exploring we wandered through a market they had downtown and eventually stopped for lunch.  With our bellies full we continued down to the old Friary and had a nice romantic stroll through the cemetery.  It was actually creepier than most, as it was completely overgrown in some areas with vines and trees to the point you couldn’t see some of the grave markers.  We stopped at a few other places for drinks and food.  Ludlow had some of the best food we have had in England so it was hard to pick a spot to eat as they all looked so good.

Thursday morning we again had breakfast before heading out for another walk down a footpath, this time going by the trenches that had been dug on a hill used to siege Ludlow castle in the 17th century.  It was misting out during our walk but it turned into a complete downpour by the end of it.  We decided to stop at The Mill on the River Teme for some tea to try and wait out the rain.  I feel so damn British when I drink tea and it makes me laugh because a few months ago I absolutely hated it.  I guess those Brits have rubbed off on us because we drink tea about as much as coffee now a days. Unfortunately for us, the rain kept coming even after our tea time so we ventured back out.  We walked around town for a bit before going back to the Blue Boar to have some soup and pints in front of the fire.  Thanks to both of us still being sick we didn’t stay out too late and went back to our place to get some early sleep before getting back on the road to our next destination.  It was a quick stop in Ludlow, but visiting the villages in the countryside is always worth it.

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