We left Wales and had one more stop in England before flying to Ireland: Bath. Bath is a town so named as it was the Romans’ favorite place to (you guessed it!) take baths.
I’m not kidding, it has one of the only thermal baths in England and its where the Romans would come to relax and unwind in the natural pools around 60 AD. We arrived on Monday and were lucky enough to have the whole apartment to ourselves since our host was going out of town for the weekend. We got ready and went to explore our new town for a little bit before grabbing dinner. Bath has some really beautiful and interesting buildings as they were heavily influenced by Rome. We stopped at a few pubs and then settled in for the night. We woke up bright and early (not really, we cannot wake up early over here) and ventured out to see the sights. We stopped for Cornish pasties for lunch, that’s  not a typo. They’re really called pasties and not pastries and they are delicious.  Kind of like a runza or bierock, but with flaky crust and all kinds of different fillings.  We spent the majority of the day walking around town, taking in the sights. We walked around the Bath Abbey, which was founded in the 7th century.


We wanted to take a dip in the thermal baths to see if they were as great as the thermal baths in Budapest but, alas, you don’t get to actually get in the baths here, more of a museum. There is one bath spa you can actually go into, but it was waaaayyy out of our backpacking budget, so we decided to pass and I took a bath at our place later instead. We also walked along the ‘Royal Crescent’, built in 1767, which is a row of 30 terrace houses (in the shape of a crescent), in a very typical Georgain-style architecture, where some of the most famous residences of Bath lived. like Jane Austen who lived in the same style of home nearby.


We also walked along Pulteney Bridge and saw where Mary Shelley finished the book ‘Frankenstein’. Bath is also home to the Grill Market where the term ‘on the nail’ is from for bargaining and shopping.  Since we had such a full day of walking and sightseeing we stopped for drinks at the Saracen’s Head, where Charles Dickens used to go for a drink himself. We stopped at a local place for some tapas of lamb meatballs, braised octopus and potted mackerel before we stopped at a few more pubs.  All that sightseeing must have gone straight to my head because before I knew it I was in bed eating a grilled cheese and making Caleb take my shoes off for me. We slept in pretty late again the following day since I had way too much fun the night before. We spent the afternoon exploring more of the country-side just up the hill from our airbnb.


Hungry from all that walking we stopped at Clifton’s Sausages before spending the rest of the day wandering around, stopping in  different shops and pubs along the way. Bath was one of my favorite little villages we stopped at, as it had amazing food and some great pubs and the town itself is beautiful and reminded me a lot of Rome but still had the charm of England.  I’m hoping next time we go we can shell out the big bucks so I can say I took a bath in Bath,

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Eat pasties instead of turkey. I love them – all kinds. Enjoy the last of your days over there. I bet you will love being at your Mom & Dads ArB&B when you get home. Continue to love the pictures and diary.

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