Limerick & Galway

We arrived in Limerick on a misty Tuesday evening.  We picked up some delicious Chinese food and had a walk around town before heading in for the night as the next day we had big plans:  laundry.  We hadn’t had clean clothes for about two weeks so we were both really excited to have clothes … More Limerick & Galway


As great as it was to be back in Dublin, I was really excited to see some parts of Ireland we hadn’t seen yet.  Our first stop was Kilkenny, a smaller town of about 25,000 people that feels even more small and cozy when you’re downtown.  We dropped off our stuff at our airbnb (that … More Kilkenny


We left Wales and had one more stop in England before flying to Ireland: Bath. Bath is a town so named as it was the Romans’ favorite place to (you guessed it!) take baths. I’m not kidding, it has one of the only thermal baths in England and its where the Romans would come to … More Bath


Leaving a city is never fun but I was excited to get more into the countryside and visit a ‘village’.  Ludlow has a population of 11,000, but it felt much smaller than that.  We also stayed at an Airbnb that was an actual bed and breakfast, so that was also a welcome change (breakfast!).  Our … More Ludlow

Edinburgh, Scotland

Our plane landed safely in Edinburgh (pronounced Edinburra by the locals) and we were off to our new place to stay for four nights. We arrived in the late afternoon, so our chances of getting out to explore were slim.  Luckily, our shuttle bus dropped us off in the center of the city and we … More Edinburgh, Scotland


Italy’s way of life is amazing, but Venice may have it all…it’s beautiful, adults are expected to take naps, and there are snacks everywhere. We left Ravenna on bus and arrived in Venice that afternoon. We stayed on the Venice ‘Islands’, which is basically where all the tourism is. If you stay on the ‘mainland’ … More Venice


The cloud of leaving one of our favorite places set over us, but not for long. We were on bus heading north to the capital of Tuscany: Florence.  The semi-dry landscape and hills of Rome began to fade and the hills and forests of Tuscany began to unfold before us. We entered Florence and caught … More Florence

Lake Balaton

One of the many stresses of traveling overseas on a budget is finding an affordable and conveniently located place to stay.  You have plans to see so many places but if you don’t book your lodging in advance, you may be shit out of luck. We’ve luckily only experienced this one time having to miss … More Lake Balaton


Budapest has a population of upwards to 1.75 million, so the chances that we would randomly see someone we knew there are very rare…but weird coincidences continue to happen to us, so of course we did. We arrived in Budapest tired, sweaty and gross and checked into our hostel, LOL Boutique, that we shared with … More Budapest


Departing from Czechia was bittersweet.  We had such a great time but we were moving on to our fifth country and more importantly we would be visiting my old classmate and good friend, Susi.  She was part of an exchange program from Germany for one year with my senior class and it only took that … More Vienna


Leaving family and new friends in Zeilhard was difficult, to say the least.  After spending nearly a week in Zeilhard, Darmstadt, and Reinheim it was time to move on with our trip, no matter how hard it was going to be.  Following a week of relaxing with family by the pool, being catered to hand … More Nuremberg

The Netherlands

We left Antwerp by train on Friday and were on our way to Rotterdam for a weekend trip.  It is a very modern city that happens to be very close to Kinderdijk, home of 19 windmills that have withstood the test of time. We arrived in The Netherlands and took the metro to our home … More The Netherlands


On our flight to Europe, we ended up having an empty seat by us and we were so excited to be able to stretch out a little more for our 10 hour flight. However, before we took off we were told someone would be moved to our empty seat. We all rolled our eyes and … More Antwerp


We made it! After a 6 hour car ride to Denver, a 4 hour flight to Miami, a 10 hour layover, a 9 hour and 45 minute flight and a 30 minute bus ride we have arrived in Brussels, “the capital of Europe.”                         … More Arrival